In Japan it is now Monday 28th 2011. So on Monday 28th 2011 this blogger is sending a solution for Fukushima. I am aware that people in TEPCO and the JAPANESE GOVERNMENT won’t read this message but nonethelss this post is easy to reach if you REALLY look for a solution. You just to put FUKUSHIMA SOLUTION in GOOGLE and I am sure that at some point you reach this post.

So, which is my solution?

My solution is to start, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, pouring concrete into FUKUSHIMA so that all the reactors and pools are totally covered by concrete.

I know this solution seems quite tragic but any other solution seems to me not possible because the radiation is too high. Even for robots!

So now the problem is not in Fukushima but in the minds of people in TEPCO, the Japanese government and IAEA. They should accept that the Earth spins around the Sun, sorry, I mean, that it is time to accept they failed and now they have to pour concrete.

To put concrete means to acknowledge failure but not to put concrete means death from radiation diseases.

So now I wonder for how long will the Japanese government waste time without entering into the final solution of the concrete.

Unfortunately Fukushima is next to the sea so I wonder if radiation could go down of the plant. You can put concrete above the plant as it was made in Chernobyl but I imagine you cannot put below the plant.

I think that the Japanese government is not acting properly. It is acting too slowly. It is trying to calm Japanese people but by just staying calm you do not solve the problem!

The only way for Japan to emerge again as a superpower is to accept now defeat. And this means putting concrete. Once Japan does than Japan starts from scratch but it starts!

It is a painful step to put concrete because it gives an image of Japan quite bad – as Chernobyl gave a very bad image of the Soviet Union – but the more time you waste the worse because it will be the only solution!

History teaches that Japan made a mistake in WW II. Once the US throw a nuclear bomb Japan did not surrender. And another bomb was thrown. So now, how many people should die from radiation for the Japanese government to acknowledge defeat?

When Japan acknowledged defeat in WW II a new era began and Japan became one of the most advanced countirs of the world. The same could be true now. But the more time you wast  not putting concrete the more time Japan will need to recover.

How much radiation should escape Fukushima in order to acknowledge defeat?

Anyway, the defeat I think it is a defeat of all human kind in general but it is Japan the one who has to decide what to do.

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