I am so angered! It is days since we know that Fukushima is a big disaster. You only need to see the images and read some news about the radiation levels, the explosions, and the way the cool the reactors with seawater to realise that Fukushima is just now the worst place on earth to be.

But I am not angered by that. We all know that and it is the way it is.

I am very very angered because NOW they are talking about some workers that had suffered big radiation in their feet as the were inside water. And I read the government is blaming the company for not takinf eneough security measures. I find this observation quite disgusting!

We all know that the people that are working in Fukushima are giving their lives. It is obvious that if you are working in Fukushima nothing good is going to happen to you. The fact that they have been in contact with radiation was the least you can expect in this situation. So, to blame now TEPCO seems to me insulting. If you were so woriiried about the security of the workers then don’t let them work in Fukushima! But to let the workers be in Fukushima (changing 100 mSv to 250 mSv the level allowed for them) and then to get scandalized because they got radiation seems to be unacceptable. You cannot send people to the Inferno and then get scandilized because they got burnt! Shame on those who now blame Tepco! Do not send people to die in Fukushima and then they won’t get radiated!

By the way it sems there are problems with the core of reactor three and the government wants to change the 20 km exclusion zone to 30 exclusion zone.

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