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Thses last days it has happened to me something that maybe it has happened to other people: the first days of the nuclear disaster all the media talked first about the nuclear disaster. So much attention was on the disaster and I was reading and reading.

But after, maybe when I began to see the cannon I began to relax. I said to myself: the things are bad but it seems that they do’nt go worse.

So now we seemed to be more worried about the radiation that had been  found in water, spinachs and milk. We knew that the situation in Fukushima was not good but we had the feeling the things could not be worse.

But then, NOW, I have realised that maybe the situation at any moment could go worse! Now I have realised that at any moment we may have very bad news from Fukushima. Maybe in some hours, days or weeks we may speak about a lot of radiation

It is of course that this does not happen and I hope this is the case but I am afraid that it is as if we were wanting to listen to good news and the media was just offering good news.

This is a bit weird but it is as so much suffering was not acceptable and we can just hear good news.

Let’s hope I am wrong and things go well and not worse.

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