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With the war in Lybia and a bit tired of the Fukushima long problem it is days since my last visit to this blog.

Today I have known that two people have been rescued in the Tsunami area. A grand mother and a grand son who had benn found in a kitchen. What a good news as the news of than man alone in a roof in the middle of the see, some days ago.

Now spinachs from near Fukushima plant seem to contain radioactive material. Radiation has been found in water in Tokyo.

I also read the illegal levels of radiation have been suffering some workers in Fukushima. Well, for me that is not news at all! That’s the reason why nuclear energy seems to me so bad: when there is a problem you have to sacrifice people!

It seems that they may be venting steam in reactor number three. This is bad news because reactor number three is the most dangerous one as it contains PLUTONIUM.

Let see what happens.

I find thw world is getting crazy. We have a global financial crisis, we have a nuclear crisis and now there is an international war going on in Lybia!

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