Mazinger Z.

It is a bit late and I have to go to sleep but before that I just wanted to show my profound admiration for Japan.
There are few countries that make me feel so much admiration and reading newspapers from different countries I realise that I am not the only one admiring the Japanese.
I admire the Japanese because they keep the old traditions and at the same time they live at the cutting edge of technology.
I admire the Japanese because they have what most of other people around the planet don’t have: enough wisdom to know that in a disaster the best is to remain calm.
If the disaster that has happened in Japan had happened in almost any other place of the planet we would have seen scenes of loitering and chaos.

Thanks to this tragedy I have discovered my great love to Japan.
So let me show my love to Japan by just remembering one of my heroes when I was a child: MAZINGER ZETA.

I just hope that after the nuclear disaster MAZINGER ZETA becomes a reality some day. We need him. For real.

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