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If does not disappear or something maybe in some years time I come to this blog to remember the time of the Fukushima accident and the tsunami.

And when I return maybe it would be good to find this post. This post will say that some weeks before the tsunami the big news around the world was the arab fight against dictators. First in Tunisia and then in Egypt.

Some hours ago we know that the UN backs a no-fly zone in Lybia so that finally Gaddafi the criminal won’t be able to massacre and torture the people from Benghazi.

Let’s hope that one day the peaceful way of Japanese in current Japan finds echoes around the globe.

Let’s hope freedom comes to all parts of the world. Let’s hope that one day the only disasters that happen to humanity are due to nature and not to human kind stupidity.

Bye,bye Moammar Gaddafi. The time of mad torturers and dictators alike is coming to an end. Let’s hope other nations around the planet take notice.

My best wished to people from Japan and from Lybia. I hope everything goes right.

Bye Bye from a possible descendant of the City of Atlantis …

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