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There is one aspect of nuclear energy that makes me shiver. It is the realization that this energy would be a favourite of medieval age knights. How come?

Well, as we all know very dangerous nuclear accidents don’t happen each day. Let’s say that normally the nuclear energy is safe. Except some times, of course. And it happens that in these cases we return to medieval ages! Why so?

Because when there is a nuclear accident we put in risk the workers while the important people stay far away. Why the international head of the Atomic Energy is not going to Fukushima? He is Japanese so he could speak with the workers there and know what is happening. Why is this not happening?

This is not happening because nuclear energy requires a society where nor all humans are equal. Some are here to safely command and others are here to die working in the nuclear toys of a wealthy society.

These workers are called heroes by some people because they risk their lives  for the benefit of milions of people. I imagine the suicide bombers in some parts of the world may think the same.

I just find that we all humans we just have one life and I do ot find fair that we have a kind of energy that requires these crazy sacrifices. All these people that are so much in favour of nuclear energy. Where are they? I will tell you: They are far away from Fukushima while some workers are working in a radioactive inferno.

In a society where all the humans are equal there is not space for nuclear energy. Because now all the people that are helping to cool the reactors could say they are humans like anyone of us and that they do not want to be exposed to radioactivity. Why should anyone sacrifice for a nuclear energy that is the benefit of all?

During years and years Tokyo has been showing off with its neon lights. Now we know that part of these neon lights energy came from the nuclear reactors. But now that there are problems the problems cannot go of course to Tokyo. It is necessary that some people are prepare to die and stay in Fukushima.

In a society where we all are equal the head of Atomic Energy should be too in Fukushima right now. If not then why should the other people be there? Is their life less worthy? Maybe we are still in the Middle Ages and we did not know.


Thursday 17th March, 1515 gmt

The head of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, will visit the Fukushima plant to see for himself what is going on.

Well, when I wrote this post some hours ago I did not know that. I think this is very important and I hope that all the important people related to the nuclear energy take into account what this brave man will do in the following hours maybe. If you are the head of IAEA and you support nuclear energy you must support the nuclear energy in the good times and also in the bad times.

I think the step of Yukiya Amana is a big step because it can make that people think twice about supporting nuclear energy.

Maybe there should be referendums about nuclear energy. And when there is an emergency people who voted against nuclear energy should have priority. In this way we would me more responsible about what we do.

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