I read in some places that these terrible nuclear crisis has been caused by this unprecedented tsunami.

I just want to make clear, that for me, this is not at all true. The nuclear disaster is due to the fact that the smartest animals on earth, also known as humans, created nuclear reactors.

The tsunami was responsible of the deaths of hundredes of people in the Japanese coast. All this nuclear crisis that has been added is human related.

So all this workiers at the nuclear plant that are risking their life are in a suicidal mood not because of the tsunami but because humans have built nuclear reactors.

The same way that I do not consider heroes the suicide bombers (even if they commits suicide for a good cause according to them) I can’t consider this workers as heroes but as the ones who are paying with their life a way of life consisting in having 24 hours a day neon lights in the street of Tokyo.


To sacrifice one’s life so that humanity wastes electricity with neon lights, air conditioning 24 hours, lights on the streets at night, watching tv, etc seems to be quite a weird thing to do.

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