Some minutes I have realized a big problem that can happen in the current Japanese tragedy.

We all know that Japan is a wealthy country which is very very good with technology (we all know Sony, etc) and the most important thing: we all know that the Japanase people have a way of being that helps in a disaster. In other parts of the planet it would be total chaos with loitering in supermarkets, etc.

So, we know that the Japanese people will susrvive this tragedy.

But I am afraid of one terrible one thing!

We are so confident in the Japanese spirit that maybe the planet is not realising that even if the Japan is one of the best places in the world to survive such a tragedy it may happen that Japan needs our help.

And I am afraid that the Japanese, because the way they are, they won’t ask for it!

So, I think it is necessary we help them as much as possible just realizing that the Japanese people won’t ask for help even if they need it!

In my life I have known Japanese people and I adore them.

But the situation in Japan is terrible. A lot of people are been displaced. There are outages with electricity. It is cold. And there is the nuclear thread. It is obvious that Japan needs help!

The most obvious help should come from the neighboors. And Russia and China should help a lot. I know the relations between China and Japan and between Russia and Japan has not ben quite good but the government of China and Russia must realise that if they help now Japan the whole planet will love more China and Russia.

I am also afraid that because Japan is a wealthy country it does not get so much aid as needed but I think we should realise that even if it is a wealthy country the disaster is so big that it need help! I have read that there are places where it is cold (it is freezing) and there is no water.

I think that one of the best things of helping Japan is to know that we can be sure that as quite soon Japan will not need the help anymore. But I think this weeks Japan needs our help.


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