In this post I will try to put links to blogs in English from people who live in Tokyo right now.

I think it is decades since a very important big city is living the ordeal that is going on. I think that the whole planet is watching Japan and Tokyo right now. We all know that Japan is one of the most advanced countries of the world so that this disaster and the way that the Japanese cope with it can be useful to the rest of us.

Today I have read that the nuclear emergency is greater and that radioactive levels have increased in Japan. I also have read that supermarkets are empty and people are buying and buying. If all this happened in another part of the world we would be talking about total chaos and loitering. THE JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE GIVEN TO THE WHOLE WORLD SUCH A GOOD EXAMPLE.

It seems that in the following hours there can be a 7 richter scale earthquake. There are also electric outages and people have problems reaching home without public transport. And I know that Japan is a very densed territory with trains packed of people.

While I search for blogs in English from Tokyo and Japan here there is a link about life in Tokyo this Tuesday:


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2 Responses to NEWS FROM TOKYO

  1. 11mar11 says:

    It seems that this evening there can be a massive blackout in Tokyo. One has to consider also that the weather is cold:

  2. 11mar11 says:

    FROM JAPAN TIMES ONE HOUR AGO: Tepco: peak electricity output between 6-7pm tonight was 30.5 million kW. Supply met demand, no unforseen blackouts so far.

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