Times Square Rain Dance

On March 11th 2011 I watched on tv news from Japan. They showed the streets of Japan with peole who had to sleep in the center of the city as they could not go home. As a background you could see the fabulous neon lights of the streets of Tokyo. I remember I felt it was quite awkward to see neon lights switched on just some minutes after you could see the devastation of tsunami.

Now I read that there will be outages in power in Japan.

I wonder if I am the only soul on earth that realises that for too long we have been slaves of petrol (we have created monsters like Gaddafi) and also of nuclear power (Fukushima disaster currently)

I think it is time we wake up. Times Square in New York is quite beautiful but I think it is time we realised that neon ights are part of the 20th century. In the 21st century we can not continue wasting power for not essential things that improve humanity. And the neon lights in Times Square in NY or in the streets of Tokyo should be switch off. If we do not do that then when a nuclear tragedy happens we will know who is behind it: Ourselves.

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